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Poems with grandeur and freshness side by side.  With vivid language, Sam Morley shifts easily between the past and the modern so we have our lives anew. – Yumna Kassab
Behind the pastoral and the lyric, there is a sharp edge to Sam’s poetry which is at once disturbing and beguiling.  His poems begin in quiet moments on a country road or walking a dog, but always leave us in a new, stranger place. In a short time, Sam is developing into one of Australia’s most exciting poets.
Damen O’Brien
Morley’s poems are precise, intense postcards — no word is wasted. Morley’s sharp eye is unafraid to take ‘quiet / counsel with God’; he gives the reader breathing space, but always sticks the landing.
Zenobia Frost
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You Do You
Sam Morley

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About the Book: Sam Morley’s second collection comprises poetry that is image-rich, fusing the sublime with the common. Always committed to observation as a channel into discovery, You Do You merges meditations on parenthood, memory, death, the natural world and the fluctuations of pop culture and the suburban grind. The primary setting is the home, be it as a father or child or as a person perplexed by the vicissitudes of humanity. These poems start from the personal while remaining detached, and often undulate from the private world into something universal and large. About the Author: Sam Morley’s poetry has appeared Cordite, Red Room Poetry, The Australian, Overland, Westerly, Southerly, and Plumwood Mountain. He has been shortlisted in the ACU Poetry Prize, the Montreal Poetry Prize and was the 2022 recipient of the Tina Kane Emergent Writer Award. His debut collection was Earshot (Puncher and Wattmann, 2022). Cover artwork: Toby Pola, Wanting to be invisible, furious to be ignored, 2013