Release date: 3rd August 2023

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“I read it in one sitting and loved loved loved it. Truly. It is beautifully and cleverly told, and the various devices – the poetry, the nicknames, the world-wandering, the little hands, the carpets, Paddington – all work splendidly.” Simon Winchester

“Vivid and transparent. Deft. I was absolutely hooked from the first paragraph, and the creeping sense that something was amiss was masterful. The fundamental power is the unflinching basis in truth.” Professor Joanna Benjamin (Emeritus Professor of Law, The London School of Economics)

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Trust: A fractured fable
Jeanne Ryckmans

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About the Book:
"I always thought it would be better to be a fake somebody than a real nobody" – Tom Ripley (The Talented Mr Ripley)

"He had the kind of Scotch-Irish accent which some women find irresistible, and which makes all men feel for their wallet, to make sure it is still there." – James Franklin (Corrupting the Youth)

"The university is a bazaar where a thousand wares are spread haphazardly, while the scholars themselves are turned into peddlers, touts, and pimps, desperately competing to hustle for a few more suckers." – Pierre Ryckmans (Boyer Lecture, 1996 – ‘Learning’).

It has been said that trust is a risk masquerading as a promise and, as Hemingway suggested, “The way to make people trust-worthy is to trust them.

We have all fallen under the malevolent spell of hucksters, and their power is real, as is the loss of self and hope when the spell breaks. A hybrid memoir and a personal detective story which has at its heart what it means to trust, why we trust, and what happens when trust is betrayed, Trust is an exploration of the oft subtle, brutal nature of control, the impact on others of professional and personal deceit, and the insidious effects generated by collusion and cover ups within the hallowed sandstone walls of academia.

Trust is a fractured fable. It is darkly funny, wistful, and spare in tone and approach.

About the Author:
Jeanne Ryckmans has worked for two decades in Australian publishing. A literary agent with The Cameron Creswell Agency (Cameron’s Management), she is a former senior publisher at Random House and HarperCollins Australia. Prior to joining the publishing world, she worked for seven years in arts television (France 2/SBS Television) as an on-air presenter and documentary producer, and was features editor at ELLE Magazine and books editor for Vogue Australia. She is the author of two books.