Poetry Lives!


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Fat Chance:
Journalism Poems
Kent MacCarter (January 2024)

Ghost Poetry
Robbie Coburn (January 2024)

Roslyn Orlando (February 2024)

soft meteorites
Nathan Shepherdson (September 2024)

The Empty Grandstand
Lloyd Jones (September 2024)

Poetry Lives!
5 books of poetry

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And my poetry list just keeps going with style. Each of these books has very different qualities in form and approach. The Upswell Poetry imprint has so far yielded up 7 significant shortlistings in awards: as an external measure this is, understandably, a thrill for the publisher, not to mention the poets! Here are five books across 2024 that I’ll send to you as they arrive back from the printer.

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We pay attention at Upswell to both strong editorial standards and beautiful and robust design by Chil3. We are proud of this look. In the back of each book is the story of our font: Foundry Origin.

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