Pastures of Healing


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Pastures of Healing
Denis Glennon

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About the Book: Ciara Glennon vanished into the night in Perth, Western Australia, leaving a family and a city in deep shock. When her body was found, nineteen days after her disappearance, even those with long memories could not remember a time when the community was as overwhelmed with sadness and anguish. A violent and senseless crime committed against an innocent citizen, the details and repercussions of Ciara’s disappearance were unsettling. Ciara was murdered by the person the media labelled The Claremont Serial Killer. The search to find him spanned twenty-five years. Ciara’s father, Denis, was a driving force in insisting that the killer be found and justice be delivered for his daughter. Such grief, in its woundedness and suffering, can deliver startling and shocking impacts on body, mind, heart and spirit. This is the story of Denis’s journey and the pathways he found to arrive at a sense of peace and contentment after the loss of his daughter. Pastures of Healing is a raw and intimate story, shared with others who may have known intense grief from a major loss. About the Author: Denis Glennon AO One of seventy-plus million Irish diaspora scattered around the planet, Denis made Western Australia his new home in 1974. He spent over forty years in the corporate world, in various parts of the globe. In 1997, his life was shattered when his daughter Ciara was murdered. Drawing on inner and external strengths, he has dealt with the intense grief of Ciara’s murder. His book Pastures of Healing is an uplifting narrative, depicting the pathways he discovered and journeyed and the manifestations he experienced to return himself, and assist his family back, to the world of the living. Denis’s wife, Una, has written of her own grief of losing Ciara, in her book Ciara’s Gift – grief edged with gold.