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Simon Tedeschi

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120 Pages

“The stanzas of Fugitive are rooms in a house through which memory, music and contemplation move. Like exquisite slivers of light under a door, or from a night window, they are acute, angular and darting, flaring against the dark shapes of history and memory. Haunting the structures of a piano suite, Fugitive is a mobile and musical work whose ideas circulate, restively reshaping and recasting each theme. Arch, tender and playful, this is a startling, evocative and moving debut.” – Felicity Plunkett “A sparkling, minimalist meditation on what it means to make meaning. Imagine the ghosts of Kafka and Prokofiev and a queue of similar enigmas playing a tag-team fugue in a vivid, wry dream.” –Ross Gibson “What a profound gift for all of us that Simon Tedeschi is more than usually attuned to the tones of life, both harmonic and unstable. Artfully and honestly, he weaves together these shimmering fragments of sound, feeling, philosophy and embodied experience into a work of art so exquisite it will leave you in silent, breathless appreciation.” –Ceridwen Dovey

WINNER of the CALIBRE ESSAY PRIZE 2022 (Australian Book Review)

About the Book: In 1917, a young composer writes a suite of twenty pieces for piano. They are short, violent and strange, the music of another world. In 1938, a young Jewish family flees Italy for Sydney, Australia. In 1942, another family, this time Polish, are nearly destroyed. Half a century later, a young man begins to understand the role these strange visions have played in everything that came before him and all that has come to be. Fugitive, Simon Tedeschi’s first book, straddles the borders of poetry and prose, fiction and fact, trauma and testimony, filled with what Russian poet Konstantin Balmont called the fickle play of rainbows. About the Author: Known primarily as a concert pianist, Simon Tedeschi has written for publications across Australia. When neither writing nor practising, he reads books and drinks coffee. He and his wife, the painter Loribelle Spirovski, live in Sydney, Australia with their cat. Fugitive is his first book. Find more of his work here.