Finding Theodore and Brina


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Finding Theodore and Brina
Terri-ann White

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(Fremantle Arts Centre Press, 2001) “The book works wonderfully as fiction, but all my instincts tell me Finding Theodore and Brina is White’s innovative way of writing a version of her family history. “ Donna Lee Brien, Text 2001

About the Book

A novel of family and place. An Australian family, five generations old. Transgressions, taboos, secrets, shames. Progressing through the generations. Hidden within the family. Unspoken. Unacknowledged. Madness, illegitimacy, miscegenation, murder. But also, love.” Finding the stories within the gaps, the spaces in the remembering and forgetting, Finding Theodore and Brina is a testament to the delicacy and complexity of family and relationships. Intimate, intricate and deeply absorbing it illuminates lost lives and rescues individuals from the margins of history.

About the Author

Terri-ann White is Publisher at Upswell. Terri-ann is a writer of fiction and non-fiction and a serious enthusiast of dance and music and visual arts, as well as literature that extends boundaries of how stories are told and language is worked.