Brave Worlds


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Excitable Boy:
Essays on Risk
Dominic Gordon (April 2024)

Bullet Paper Rock:
A Memoir of Words and Wars
Abbas El-Zein (April 2024)

Detachable Penis:
A Queer Legal Saga
Sam Elkin (May 2024)

The Empty Grandstand
Lloyd Jones (September 2024)

Gulp, Swallow:
Essays on Change
Brooke Boland (November 2024)

Brave Worlds
4 books of narrative non-fiction (and one of poetry) selected by Terri-ann

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For me narrative nonfiction is by far the most interesting writing happening in Australia. From essays to memoir to the lyric essay and everything in between — in a hybrid mood and methodology — these works have impressed me enormously. Plus one startling book of poetry by Lloyd Jones.These five books will be sent to you as they arrive back from the printer across 2024.

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