Donate to a new publishing venture, UPSWELL, a unique and independent publishing house specialising in books of note from across Australia since mid-2021. Your support will enable writers to develop a readership and readers to extend their scope. With our DGR status as a charitable organisation, we’ll provide a tax deductible receipt for your donation to be used at tax time.

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UPSWELL will publish a small number of distinctive books each year in the areas of narrative non-fiction, fiction and poetry: books that elude easy categorising and work somewhat against the grain of current trends. They are books that may have trouble finding a home in the contemporary Australian publishing sector, but books that’ll hopefully last for at least 20 to 50 years, whether they remain in print or not: books to be noticed and noted for their originality.

This is an opportunity to build careers for authors in a period where opportunities are narrowing for literary writing; by putting them in their best light through care and precision of a strong editorial focus, and by using new approaches to find readers and keep their interest. UPSWELL also offers an exciting, curated subscription program with selected new titles each year along with readers’ notes and a newsletter including commissioned essays by emerging and established writers.

While UPSWELL will operate on a book-by-book project basis with low overheads, the costs of promoting the whole venture and setting up print book publication can be hefty. Revenue won’t begin to flow until 2022 and independent publishing generally flies close to the edge of its costs in a crowded commercial market. Selling a book through a bookshop involves sharing revenue with a number of parties. But that is also why it is also so vital for our literary heritage. We’ll make books of note: to stay in the cultural memory for many decades. That is the basis of requesting support from people interested in writing and expression. Your donation will assist in exposing readers to new Australian voices – voices that otherwise may not be heard. As well, UPSWELL will create an audience via a newsletter with strong arts and social coverage, including podcast interviews and aggregated literary writings from global publications.

Your donation will firmly establish UPSWELL as capable of supporting writers and will enable:

  • Discovery of important new voices far from capital cities through UPSWELL’s Regional Writing and Publishing Workshops.
  • Mentorships with Publisher Terri-ann White to assist writers with the support needed to shape and complete manuscripts.
  • A strong list of Australian poetry that will build on the many books of poetry previously published by Terri-ann White through UWA Publishing; filling a gap in the Australian publishing market.
  • Noongar Voices: a dedicated future program that will enable WA’s strong Noongar voices in narrative non-fiction, fiction and poetry to be heard, contributing to a more equitable future for Indigenous Australians.

If you are interested in discussing your support and/or want to join the UPSWELL subscription program, contact Terri-ann White, UPSWELL Founder and Publisher: