The Modern Girl By Michael Bradley

Michael Bradley

I published lawyer and writer Michael Bradley’s first book, Coniston, in late 2019 at UWAP. As an adult Michael realised his education in Australian history had skipped over a great deal of crucial detail, including massacres of Aboriginal people in the twentieth century. Michael writes for a number of publications, including Crikey, on a range of social and political matters of note to all of us as well as running Marque Lawyers (with their slogan Law, done differently) . In recent months he has maintained an intense pace as a dogged commentator on women in the justice system regarding the topics of rape and sexual assault, and the agency women carry into their lives in the twenty-first century. This is an article by Michael contrasting the experiences of young women in Australia under the law in 1922 and 2013. Copyright remains with the author.

A Brief History of Outdoor Knowledge Work By Tom Lee

Tom Lee

As another opportunity to spruik the pleasures and richness of the online publication Sydney Review of Books, I present this essay by Sydney writer Tom Lee in the SRB project series: The Experimental Essay (with its subtitle-description of Conceptual and formal de-tours). Thanks to Editor Catriona Menzies-Pike and the individual authors for permissions to re-run selected essays for, hopefully, new readerships. SRB is an outstanding contributor to Australian literary and cultural work, commissioning (seriously) long essays and reviews in a time when barely any work of this quality and depth can find a home and thus an audience.