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New review of Trust by Jeanne Ryckmans from Westerly

A review of Trust alongside Dr. Ahona Guha’s book Reclaim by Jenny Hedley. Two books in the general sphere of discussing coercive control and complex trauma. Read it here:


“As opposed to an easy-to-diagnose event of physical assault, relational trauma often involves an accumulation of near misses, situations that would reveal a perpetrator’s true character if only their coyote magic weren’t at work weaving spells of manufactured excuses and false promises. Without context or pattern recognition, problematic situations appear coincidental, a result of carelessness or bad luck. A full accounting requires a reporter’s attention to detail, forensic insight into abusive tactics and steadfast persistence in chasing leads until guilt emerges through an accretion of evidence.”

“A fable is a work of fiction that conveys a moral, but Ryckmans interrogates the universities who covered for the Irish Professor to save face, thus fracturing our trust in their hallowed walls, which serve as pathways for the nation’s future leaders and sites for government-funded research. The Financial Review’s Michael Roddan outed Ryckmans’ Professor as Justin O’Brien, a former Monash academic who lectured to the theme of ‘Rebuilding trust’ at a Deloitte banking summit in 2018 and was party to $2.5 million worth of Australian Research Council–funded projects.”