New review by Deborah Wardle of Hayley Singer’s ‘Abandon Every Hope: Essays for the Dead’ in SWAMPHEN March 2024

Swamphen, Vol. 10 2024 ASLEC-ANZ[Review] Hayley Singer, Abandon Every Hope: Essays for the Dead.Upswell, 2023, 168pp. DEBORAH WARDLEUniversity of Melbourne and RMIT Most of the ever-growing body of creative and critical literature that explores human andnonhuman animal relationships addresses the various ways that humans think about andconnect to living beings. Scholars focus on the lives […]

New review of Trust by Jeanne Ryckmans from Westerly

A review of Trust alongside Dr. Ahona Guha’s book Reclaim by Jenny Hedley. Two books in the general sphere of discussing coercive control and complex trauma. Read it here: “As opposed to an easy-to-diagnose event of physical assault, relational trauma often involves an accumulation of near misses, situations that would reveal a perpetrator’s true […]

Interview with Robbie Coburn by Magdalena Ball

Worth a listen! Magdalena Ball is a champion of Australian writers and poets and her website Compulsive Reader is a rich resource fuelled by her passion. Click below: