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The obligatory sale at the end of the year!

Limited, but hopefully attractive. Aiming to clear some space in my spare room so that I can welcome a house guest again during my lifetime! What do you think? Postage is a flat rate of $7.00 for any quantity before 8 January 2024

1.These books (link in title) for $15.00 each (50% to 40% discount): Use Coupon Code: 15Flat

Object Coach by Tom Lee

Words are Eagles : Selected Writings on the Nature & Language of Place by Gregory Day

Ringed by Language. And Yet by Justy Phillips

Languish by Marion May Campbell

Clean by Scott-Patrick Mitchell

And to Ecstasy by Marjon Mossammaparast

2. And this glorious book–down from $49.99 to $20.00:

Alchemy: an artistic collaboration between Kate Forsyth and Wendy Sharpe.

Use this coupon code: 20Flat