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Admissions is one year old!

UPDATE 6 October Admissions has just won the:

Mental Health Matters Media and the Arts Award finalists:

–The Black Box Mental Health Project – Core Community Services

–Admissions + MAD Poetry – Red Room Poetry

–It’s a Mind Field!

And Admissions won today! Congrats to the three editors and all of the contributors!.An illuminating, beautiful, necessary and brilliant anthology by poets about the lived experience of mental illness.

We are so proud that this massive anthology exploring voices within mental health in (mostly) poetry has reached so many readers who have read the book or heard contributors reading at a vast array of festivals and events, or heard them talk and read in the media.

Thanks to the Red Room Poetry organisation: worth its weight in gold as an advocate and supporter–lifeline. even–of poets and their poetry. Thanks to the editors–David Stavanger, Radhiah Chowdhury, and Mohammad Awad–and all of the poets who occupy the 352 pages of this valuable and brilliant book.

Have a look at how Red Room is marking the birthday in the link below: