Two Upswell books on Mark and Evette Moran NIB longlist!

Waverley Council is delighted to announcethe longlist for this year’s Mark and Evette MoranNib Literary Award  Australian writers and their publishers from around the country and overseas submitted a record 239 entries for this year’s Mark & Evette Moran Literary Award, now offering a $40,000 major prize. This year’s judges, poet Jamie Grant, writer and novelist Katerina […]

New York City Glow: reviews & interviews

In its first month of life this little book is getting great attention and lots of love from readers and reviews everywhere. Here are a few: Andrew Pople demonstrating enthusiasm! And Vincent O’Donnell at around the 22 minute mark:

Forthcoming in 2024!

In February 2024, we are publishing the final book by poet Robert Adamson, Birds and Fish. Here is a link to an an article by American poet and publisher Devin Johnston about this book, recently published by Pen International. Devin worked with Robert in his last year to prepare this manuscript, a selection of his […]

Early (delightful) review of Anna Jacobson’s new book!

Anxious in a Sweet Store (Anna Jacobson, Upswell) 4 July 2023    Books+Publishing Anxious in a Sweet Store is the playful and nostalgic second full-length poetry collection from writer and artist Anna Jacobson. Divided into four parts, each named after a classic sweet treat, Jacobson’s collection explores themes of family, food, culture and mental illness, creating […]