Launch speech for Ann Shenfield’s ‘A Treatment’ by Helena Sandahl. Readings Bookshop Carlton 30 March 2023

In a seminal paper from 1914, called On Narcissism, Freud turns to the romantic poet Heinrich Heine and his Schöpfungsliede, Creation songs, from 1844. Freud is working on the question of love: Why does man in the end give up his narcissism and let the love flow on to other objects than self? Well, he […]

Clean. The book that keeps on giving!

Book launch for Pastures of Healing by Denis Glennon 30 May 2023

Clean makes it onto another shortlist! Congrats, Scott-Patrick Mitchell.

Just announced this week! Thrilled to see Scott-Patrick’s debut volume of poetry on this list. Ceremony t6o happen in June 2023–stay tuned! The Premier’s Prize for Book of the Year, sponsored by Writing WA ($15,000)