Statement about Upswell Publishing and The Dogs

(I have republished this statement after the current story in The Monthly March 2023 but it is dated 17 June 2022.) The events of the past fortnight in the media and amplified on social media have been personally distressing as well as concerning for my very-new publishing venture. I had worked with John Hughes on […]

First review for Glass Houses by Anne Coombs (April 2023)

Glass Houses (Anne Coombs, Upswell) 31 January 2023 Books+Publishing Glass Houses is Anne Coombs’s (Sex and Anarchy: The life and death of the Sydney Push) posthumous final novel. Perched on a ‘neglected hillside’ near the fictional town of Glaston in rural NSW is neo-Gothic mansion Glastonbridge, the imposing yet derelict centrepiece of the story. Many […]

First review in for I Had a Father in Karratha by Annette Trevitt (April 2023)

I Had a Father in Karratha (Annette Trevitt, Upswell) 21 February 2023    Books+Publishing When her father dies, Annette Trevitt spends two-and-a-half years organising the detritus of his life in a remote WA mining town. I Had a Father in Karratha is a memoir about Trevitt taking responsibility for a parent who eschewed responsibility, unpicking and unravelling […]