Reviews of languish by Marion May Campbell

In Australian Book Review August 2022 issue by Jennifer Harrison Heels on the throat of song: exploring the limits of poetry’s expressivity (a review of two books: see also Marjon Mossamaparast) The title of Marion May Campbell’s third poetry collection, languish, conjures ideas of laziness, daydream, failure to make progress, ennui, lack of enthusiasm, anhedonia. […]

Reviews of And to Ecstasy by Marjon Mossammaparast

In Australian Book Review August 2022 issue by Jennifer Harrison Marjon Mossammaparast’s earlier book, That Sight, won the 2018 Mary Gilmore award and was commended in several other awards. I was impressed by the way these new poems reach into spiritual traditions, such as that of the Bahá’í faith, yet also explore identity. This anchoring […]

Reviews of Hard Joy: life and writing by Susan Varga

From The Sydney Morning Herald/The Age by Lucy Sussex and Steven Carroll Non-fiction pick of the week Hard Joy: Life and WritingSusan Varga, Upswell, $29.99 Susan Varga’s distinctive memoir (incorporating her taut but resonant poetry) comes over as an effortless blend of the epic and intimate, and easy to read – but it was hard […]

Reviews of Life with Birds: a suburban lyric by Bronwyn Rennex

In Australian Book Review, September issue, by Sarah Gory: a long and sparkling review. Here’s an excerpt: “Ostensibly, Life with Birds is about the author’s search for her father, a Vietnam War veteran who died when she was young and whose story she hardly knew. As I read it, though, I was reminded of a […]

Reviews of People who Lunch by Sally Olds. September 2022

“The Melbourne-based critic’s debut runs a gamut of social scenes (most of them pretty club-heavy): secret societies to art fairs to crypto. Every piece in the collection – subtitled “essays on work, leisure & loose living” – asks you to think harder about the ways we earn money, party, and look out for each other. […]