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The Thinking Machine #48: Videography 1978

A video essay by Adrian Martin & Cristina Álvarez López, critics and artists and practitioners of this intriguing form incorporating audiovisual elements to the study of an audiovisual object. In short, cutting out the middle-matter of words to present a collage entirely self-contained. They write about their approach here, in the Sydney Review of Books.

Over 40 years ago, before even the birth of de Filmkrant, a teenage boy in Australia set out, not merely to analyse or appreciate a film, but to grasp it, take material hold of it. The film was Angel Face (1953) starring Jean Simmons and Robert Mitchum. A violent, erotic, mysterious, secretive film. The boy’s tools were primitive, imperfect. Our audiovisual tools today are more technically sophisticated. But are they necessarily any better?